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3 e année

Ecole : turku university of applied sciences

20610 Turku fi

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durée : 3-4 month

de : 2012-05-01 à : 2012-10-01

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Date of birth: 10.11.1989

Personal Statement
My Bachelor Studies will end in spring 2012, during spring I should gain professional training experience and later write my Bachelor Thesis.
I have strong theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Business management, as well as good communication and learning skills, I am always open to new experiences and knowledge.
I have different University experience, so I know how to communicate and deal with people from other nationalities, religions, culture. At sc...

Extrait de la lettre d'accompagnement

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am interested in applying for the spring-summer internship position you company offers.
I am a third-year student from Finland, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of International Business. My theoretical studies will end soon, so now I need professional training and thesis to fulfill my Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.
I had lots of Business studies from all spheres of business – accounting, finance, l...